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Chapters in Books

  • ICSI- A New Treatment for severe male factory infertility- chapter in ‘Advanced Infertility Management” edited by Dr. M. Hansotia,
  • Transvaginal sonography: Pathological Findings in Infertility- chapter in ‘Transvaginal sonography in Infertility’ edited by Gautam Allahabadia
  • Transvaginal Foetal Reduction- An Effective Technique for Handling Multifoetal Pregnancy - chapter in ‘Optimizing IVF Results’ edited by Kiran Sekher.
  • Chapter in book ‘Caesarian Section’ edited by Dr. Dutta
  • Chapter on GnRh analogues in the book Reproductive Endocrinology edited by Dr. Walvekar 2002.
  • Chapter in FOGSI Publication on Ultrasonography 2002 Edited by Dr. N. Malhotra
  • Chapter in FOGSI publication on Advanced Infertility Management by Dr. Mehroo Hansotia, Dr. Sadhna Desai and Dr. Mandakini Parihar.
  • Chapter in book “Update on Infertility” by Dr. Sadhna Desai, Dr. M. Parihar and Dr. Gautam Allahabadia.
  • Chapter in the book “Beyond the Boundaries of” by Dr. Prakash Trivedi
  • Chapter in the book “Practical Approach to Infertility Management” by Dr. Kanti Bansal.
  • Chapter in the book “The Infertility Manual” by Dr. Kamini Rao
  • Chapter in the book “Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy” By Milind Shah
  • Published a book on “New Drugs & Instrumentation in Obstetrics & Gynaecology”
  • Dr. Rishma Pai has contributed articles to various newspapers, magazines and television shows such as Mid day. Times of India, Wellness Times, Meri Saheli etc

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